Common Job Fair Myths

SJSU Job Fair
With two upcoming  job and internship fairs, we want to take the opportunity to address some common job fair myths in order to help you make the most of your job and internship search.

Myth: The last job fair I went to, the employers just told me to apply on-line, why bother going?” 

 Fact: At a job fair, if employers ask you to apply on-line do not get discouraged!  Many employers may have internal recruiting restrictions that require all candidates to apply on-line.  On-line applications enable employers to electronically and systematically keep track of all applicants as required by their Affirmative Action program.

 Job fairs provide you with an opportunity to meet face-to-face and make a connection with hiring managers and recruiters, if you make a good impression, they are more likely to remember you among the other applicants!  This is also a good time to ask the recruiter if there is someone you can follow-up with after submitting the application on-line. 

How can the Career Center help me? To make the best impact, take the time to research the companies and openings that interest you, revise your resume, and prepare your one minute commercial.   

Attend one of our Resume 101 or Interviewing Skills workshops to learn key tips on how to craft an effective resume along with proven strategies for navigating the interview process, see our calendar for more info.  Also, our online resume tool kit provides an overview on resume writing in only 8 minutes.  

 Myth: “With the crowds and long lines at the fair, I may only have a minute or so to talk with an employer – that is not enough time for the employer to assess candidates and for me to convey my qualifications!”

Fact: Although you may encounter longer lines and crowds the day of the job fair, the time you have in front of a representative can still make a lasting impression!  Put together your one-minute commercial or your 60 second elevator pitch highlighting your key experiences and skills for the position you are applying for.  Your ability to effectively articulate your qualifications and enthusiasm for the position and company will help you stand out from other candidates.  The key is to practice, practice, practice! 

How can the Career Center help me? The Career Center provides numerous opportunities for you to connect with information and resources to educate you about job search tips and to give you feedback on your resume or one-minute commercial. 

Attend our  Job Fair Success Workshops or view our Job Fair Workshop slides from our blog to learn key strategies to succesfully navigate a job fair. Our Job Fair/Resume Blast provides the opportunity  to get feedback on your resume and to practice your one-minute commercial!

 Finally, keep in mind that job fairs are one of many ways to connect with hiring employers, so in addition to attending job fairs, utilize other programs/resources in your job and internship search.  We provide a full menu of ways to connect with employers from our on-line job/internship database – SpartaJobs, to industry panels, workshops, employer recruiting tables, and information sessions which provide a smaller setting in which to meet with hiring managers.  See our calendar for a full listing of programs and services.