Starting the spring semester

Greetings SJSU students!

Some of you may be new to campus or the Career Center, while others may be quite familiar with what we do. Whether you are choosing a major, looking for an internship or full-time job, or you just need to know where to get started-we are here to help you. The spring semester is the time to get your career on track!

One of the ways that you can get current  information in addition to our website and facebook fan page is right here at our blog. We regularly post information and tips created by our counselors and employers who hire SJSU students. In addition, we provide quick links to some of our most popular resources and we also link to useful career web sites.

How you can maximize our blog:

  • Subscribe to our RSS feed to save time and stay informed. Read this article, if you don’t know what RSS is and how it can help you.
  • Use the comment section  to let us know what you like, dislike, and what you want more of. 

“What is posted on the SJSU Career Center blog?”

Check out this collection of our most popular posts that have been categorized into sections:

General Information:

Explanation of services and FAQ’s

Choosing a Major:

Does Major=Career?

Internship Information:

Learn about virtual internships

What’s your “Plan B”, if you didn’t get an internship?


10 Interviewing Don’ts from Voce Communications

Are you ready for the phone interview? (Kelli Greene , Yahoo recruiter)

Job Search:

The Art of asking for references

Key tips from employers to land the job you want! 

Student guest posts:

What I wish I knew back in school (Tracy Rosario, SJSU Alum)

SJSU student creates career opportunity ( Benjamin Hernandez, Advertising)


Job Search 2.0: Branding yourself for success workshop slides

Finding a job in a tough economy workshop slides

*Please note this list is a collection of previous posts-the dates, times, and events have passed. However, our calendar reflects the current spring slate of events.


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