Summer internship recruitment

Summer Internship recruitment

The spring semester is in full swing  with many of you busy settling into classes and re-connecting with classmates. Before you know it, summer will be upon us.  The new semester also marks the start of intern recruiting season…have you started your internship search yet?

If you answered, “No”- don’t worry.

The Career Center has two “Finding an Internship workshops”, February 8th at 12:00pm and March, 18th from 3:00-4:15pm.

Additionally, there are numerous ways to connect with the Career Center for other internship-related support activities. Our calendar is a great place to get acquainted with us.

When applying for summer internships you may be thinking, where do I start?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting your summer internship search:

Clarify your internship goals

By having a sense of what you wouild like to gain from an internship, you will have a better idea of where to look for opportunities.

Perhaps you are looking to acquire a certain set of skills, gain experience in an industry, or explore potential career options. You could be looking for all three. One of the ultimate reasons for doing an internship in addittion to gaining experience is to get your self in position for a full-time job within an organization.  

However, be aware that in an interview an employer may even ask- “What are you looking to gain from this internship”? Therefore, it pays to know your goals so that you will know where to look for an internship and also how to convey this information to an employer. 

 Also, be sure to express how you can support the organization in it’s mission and goals (review their website, blog, and/or facebook fan pages).  What do you bring to the table as an intern (emphasize class projects, leadership and communication skills)?

Places to look for an internship

One of the first places you should start to look for an internship is the Career Center because we provide numerous avenues to get you connected.

SpartaJobs, our online database has hundreds of internships. Also, our two Spring Job/Internship fairs are ways to connect with employers. Additionally you can:

  • Search our job resources by major
  • Network with family, friends, classmates, and professors
  • Connect with employers and organizations via social media
  • Do a google search to find organizational web sites, such as “HR internships San Jose”

Sampling of “Hot Internships” from SpartaJobs

Check-out a few of the internships recently posted to SpartaJobs:

Strength & Conditioning Internship, Oakland Raiders -job id # 42678

News Intern, KFOG- job id# 42627

Editorial Internship, Pixar Animation- – job id# 42383

Production and Theatrical Intern, Lumatech Lighting- job id# 42672

Mass Storage Engineering Intern, Apple, Inc. – job id# 42463

 Applying for an internship

The application process is not uniform. Depending on the organization, there may be multiple rounds of interviewing or different application materials.

One of the first things that you want to be aware of with the application process is the deadline for each of the internships that you are applying for. In addition to paying attention to the deadline you also want to get a sense of the recruitment process so that you can allow yourself time to develop your materials.

Many organizations are now screeing candidates before they bring them into a face-to-face interview. Are you ready for a phone screen interview? The Wall Street Journal recently posted a nice article that outlines the typical  hiring process for jobs, which can directly apply to internships as well.

The internship search takes time and effort, however the Career Center is here to support you wherever you are in the process.


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