Who wants to make some extra cash this holiday season?

Have you considered a seasonal position?  Many stores in the local malls have begun hiring additional salespeople, stock support and cashiers to support the increase in business that comes with a busy holiday season.  How do you find these positions and how do you put your best foot forward?  Check out these top tips for obtaining a seasonal position.

  • Do your research: before going to the mall, check out the different store websites.  Is there an application that you can print out and complete in advance? What kinds of products do they sell?  Familiarize yourself with the stores you are interested in applying to.
  • Bring your skills: Are you great with people?  Make certain to mention your customer service skills when you are speaking with the manager. Great with organizing and doing many things at once?  Be certain to mention your skills at managing multiple tasks and maintaining an organized area.
  • Dress for success: Although these may be short-term positions, you are still interviewing for a job.  Be certain to put your best foot forward with employers by dressing appropriately when you go to turn in your application.  At a minimum, nice denim and a polished shirt or blouse will help demonstrate that you are in “job search mode”.  If the store has a more casual look associated with it, remember, ripped jeans and flip flops are still a “don’t”.
  • Ask for a manager: When you hand in your application, be certain to ask for a manager to give it to. Many managers have indicated they prefer to conduct brief on the spot interviews with potential candidates in order to quickly assess their fit for the store. If you just hand in your application to the cashier and leave, you miss that opportunity and may get lost in the stack of applications! Note: It is easier to speak with a manager if you go to the mall on a weekday afternoon or morning, rather than in the evening or on a weekend when there are more customers shopping in the mall.
  • Be organized: Although you may be applying at multiple stores in the mall the day you are there, no manager wants to see 15 other stores’ applications in your hand.  Keep all your applications organized in a folder, and walk in to the store you are targeting with their application in your hand. Managers want to know you are interested in their job not just a job.

Keep in mind as you go on to work at your seasonal position that these can turn into regular positions if the store has hiring needs after the holiday season is over.  Be certain that you are giving 100% every time you walk in the door – the seasonal employees who are considered for any more permanent positions are the ones with the best performances!  No openings at the time your position is ending?  If you would like to be considered for future openings let the manager know.  You have an advantage by having worked at the store before, and knowing the customers and processes.  Regardless of whether the position is seasonal or longer-term, you have the opportunity to further develop your customer service skills, as well as many other transferrable skills that will assist you as you move forward in your career.  And a little extra holiday money never hurts!  Happy hunting!


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