Top Job Search Tips from Employers!

The Career Center recently hosted a panel of employers to help our December Grads launch their job search.  The tips they shared with our new alums are relevant for anyone currently seeking a job or an internship!  Check out our Top Ten Tips for the Job & Internship Search – Straight from the Employers!

The Resume:

1. Keeping the resume clean, targeted and error free is critical. Be certain you are citing your accomplishments instead of your duties.  This helps the employer understand how you contributed to your organization or class project.  How do you do this? Click here for tips!

2. Employers are keeping their eyes out for the transferrable skills to help set students apart – leadership, collaboration/teamwork, time management, adaptability and flexibility.  These skills can be gained in class projects, student activities, part-time jobs, volunteer work, internships and many other places!

The Phone Interview:

3. Employers use the phone interview to quickly assess the candidate’s qualifications, overall fit and genuine interest in the organization to determine if the candidate will move forward in the process.  Be certain that you have done your homework by researching the organization and the job description so that you can speak effectively to these points!

4. Try standing up, looking in a mirror and acting as though your reflection is the interviewer and speaking to it.  This will assist you in presenting yourself more confidently over the phone, and will help you to project your voice. 

The On-Site Interview:

5. Be certain to bring copies of your resume, a list of questions for the employer, and dress professionally!  Leave your cell phone in the car; you won’t be answering it in the interview anyway!
6. Prepare your stories in advance of what you have done and how these experiences will assist you in being successful in the position you are interviewing for.  If you are asked a challenging question, remain calm and keep your body language neutral – employers are looking for both your reaction and your response. 

7. When asking you interview questions, employers are trying to assess both skill set and fit with the organization’s culture.  Work to build a relationship with your interviewer by asking good questions, and allowing your personality to come through.

The Hiring Process

8. Sending a thank you note after your interview is extremely important!  Employers have indicated that hand-written thank you letters are preferred to email – they help you stand out.  Need some tips on how to write one?  Check out the Career Center website for examples!

9. Negotiation in this market is not unheard of, but before negotiating, be certain to take into account the total compensation package which includes medical and dental befits as well as other perks like educational reimbursements, professional development opportunities and access to wellness programs.


10. Think of networking as building relationships or as having a conversation with another person.  These things can happen anywhere, from professional organization meetings to career fairs, to standing in line for coffee! 

Next Steps

Preparation is the key to success!  The Career Center has a variety of live and virtual resources available to help you including workshops, Info Sessions, and our upcoming Career Fair on March 2!  Check out our website for our calendar of events and resources available 24/7.  Have more questions?  Make an appointment to see a Career Consultant by logging into SpartaJobs at and clicking “request a counseling appointment”.  We are here to support your success!



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