Top 5 Resume Tips – Does your resume pass the test?

by Jill Klees, Employment Specialist

1. Accomplishments: You need to stand out from other applicants. Do this by writing accomplishment statements. Employers want to know WHAT you did, HOW you did it and the SKILLS you used. Include the RESULT or OUTCOME too.

For example, write this, “Raised $20,000 for research by establishing and implementing a new auction format which drew over 7,000 people” not this, “Responsible for fundraising tasks.”

2. Tailor: Each resume must support the skills and qualifications listed on the job description. Demonstrate how YOU are the perfect match. Avoid writing one generic resume. Employers want you to tailor your documents for their organization and their position.

3. Personal Brand: Your resume is your marketing tool and a representation of YOU. Think about what sets you apart from other candidates. Show your uniqueness through class projects, volunteer, internship, or community service opportunities; examples of leadership or involvement in student organizations; or by quantifying results and focusing on accomplishments.

4. Proofread: Read over your final draft using an eye for detail. One single typo can be enough for a recruiter to pass you by. Careful proofreading demonstrates your attention to detail. Have someone other than yourself proof read your resume to find errors that you may have missed.

5. Visual Appeal: Hiring managers will read your resume. It should look attractive, be easy to read, and have well-organized content. It should be professional and have a consistent flow of tailored information. Use the white space on your page evenly and choose a font size between 10-12 points and a font style that has clean lines like Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, or Calibri.

SAVE THE DATE: Resume Blast – Sept. 29 @ 1:00 to 4:00 in Loma Prieta.  Put these tips into practice and get your resume critiqued at this event.

Jill Klees is a SJSU Career Center liaison to the College of Engineering, Dept. of Computer Science, and the School of Library & Information Science. She is highly skilled in resume writing and helping students determine their unique talents and strengths.


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