Take your career GLOBAL!

By Pin Tsan, Graduate Counseling Intern

going globalHave you ever thought about pursuing a career abroad? Are you an international student looking for information on employers in the US who have sponsored H1B visas in the past? If you find that you have an interest in pursuing a global career then you will find a market with many opportunities.  Most companies have a global presence and seek employees who have travel, language, and cross-cultural experience.  In order to support students in expanding their job and internship options, The SJSU Career Center is excited to introduce access to Going Global, an employment resource to enhance your search for both international and domestic jobs and internships.

Here are some details about how Going Global can help launch your international career:  

 What is Going Global?

Going Global is a career and employment resource that features country-specific information on careers and employment to help you on your job search. Going Global boasts more than one million individual users, and is used around the world by university career centers, educational and institutional organizations, libraries, corporate HR departments, and government agencies.going global homepage

How can Going global help me in my job search?

 Going Global has a database of 16 million worldwide job and internship listings that are updated daily in English and the native language where the employer is located. In addition, the website also provides the following:

  • 450,000 key employer profiles in 196 countries
  • 36 country career guides (updated by local researchers)
  • 44 US city career guides.
  • work permit & visa regulations
  • location-specific cost of living & financial considerations
  • professional & networking groups
  • employment outlook & industry trends
  • country-specific resume/CV guidelines & examples
  • country-specific interview & cultural advice

How can Going Global help international students?

Going Global offers an H1B information database searchable by job title, occupation area, company name, location, and wage rate. For example, let’s say you’re an international student looking for a computer engineering position in Atlanta, Georgia. You can use Going Globals’ database to identify which employers in the area have submitted the greatest number of  H1B visa petitions.  You can also determine which companies may be in need of non-US resident employees.

 How do I get started?

Current students and registered alumni can access Going Global through their SpartaJobs account.  Once you have logged into Spartajobs, you will see two icons on the top left of your screen. The “Going Global” icon will give you information on international jobs, and the “USA Career Guides” will get you started on domestic information and opportunities.

These are just a few tips on using this new resource for your international job search.  Once you have a chance to identify some opportunities, feel free to visit us to discuss your job or internship search plan. We can help you develop a timeline to keep you on track and meet any required deadlines or applications.

Pin Tsan is a graduate counseling intern. He spent 10 years studying, working, and enjoying life in 3 international locales. He is in the process of finishing his M.A. in Counselor Education at SJSU, and hopes to continue working with international and domestic students in the future.



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