Behind the Scenes of Sports Media and Super Bowl 50

By Irma Guardado


The Super Bowl is only a few days away and to celebrate its participation throughout Super Bowl 50, San Jose State University hosted a SportsTech Symposium on Wednesday, January 27 at the Student Union Theater.

The SportsTech Symposium focused on how different forms of media including news, advertising, social media, and marketing has changed the way fans engage with their favorite sports teams. Panelists from different media backgrounds and professions such as professional sports executives, advertising and marketing strategists, and journalists discussed how sports media coverage has evolved in recent years.

Panel 1: Social Media and the Modern Fan

Sports are typically known for bringing people together, and platforms like Facebook use sports fans to grow their networks. Facebook has also allowed modern fans to connect and create communities; making it easier to find misplaced fans, or fans of non-local teams, to connect with other fans.

Panel 2: Behind the Scenes of Super Bowl – How Sports Marketing and Advertising Decisions are Made

This panel gave insight into the advertising industry and how million-dollar ads for the Super Bowl are made. The Super Bowl is the one event where the audience looks forward to the ads, and the strategists behind the Mini commercial explained how ads are no longer aired for the first time during the Super Bowl, but have become campaigns to extend a company’s story.

Panel 3: An Interviewer Gets Interviewed

Sports columnist at the San Jose Mercury News, Mary Purdy, has covered dozens of Super Bowl events. He has a lot of experience covering these events, and during “An Interviewer Gets Interviewed”, Purdy shared many details of what it’s like to cover the Super Bowl, some myths and facts of the Super Bowl and how this event has changed over time.

Panel 4: The Business of Sports Journalism

The Business of Sports Journalism panel showcased what factors go into the programming of sports news: what sports/teams are popular, who is doing well and whose not. Lee Hammer, operations manager of KNBR, KTCT, KGO, and KSFO sports radio, talks about what is going on in the sports world and he will not “sugar coat” if a team is doing poorly, even if the athletes and team managers are calling him.

Overall the SportsTech Symposium was a great look into what sports media has to offer for anyone who might be interested in a career in this industry as well as an inside look at all the work that goes into the Super Bowl.


Irma GuardadoIrma Guardado is the marketing and communications intern at the SJSU Career Center. Irma is a third-year student majoring in public relations. Irma enjoys uncovering the needs of indiviuals to create meaningful experiences and share stories.



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