The SJSU Career Center blog is designed to provide career development information 24/7. We aim to engage students in answering their career and internship needs while also providing a forum for dialouge.

In addition to contributions from our career counseling professionals we will also periodically add guest posts from students and select employers to give our readers multiple perspectives on issues that are relevant to career success.

Our blog is an open forum for conversation and information sharing surrounding career topics and trends. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate content from our page.

For more information on our services and programs please visit the Career Center website.



  1. Hi,
    Hope you are doing fine.
    I was recently going through your website “thesjsucareercenter.wordpress.com” and realized I could lend a few words to the pool of wisdom shared on your domain.

    I have personally gone through your website and feel it is perfect to feature quality content written from my end. I would request you to allow me to publish some of my choicest articles and guest posts on topics related to categories like Career transition and Education.

    The content I write is usually 600 words and above words but can be altered according to your site’s demand. The articles are informative and interesting; keeping the readers clued-in. I have been writing on topics related to careers shifts, job search, and education so on.

    Kindly let me know if you are interested in featuring my content on your website.



  2. Hi,

    I have looked at your site and I am really impressed with its entire structure and content quality. Also, you are maintaining it very well. Currently, I am looking for the possibilities of sharing my content in this kind of blogs (as guest blog post) with my website link.

    Please let me know your opinion on my request.

    Thank you,


  3. Do you have any writing samples or published work that we can check out?

    Career Center Team


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