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Welcome to start of a new semester.  The Career Center is here to help you Explore, Experience, and Launch  your career and the best time to start this process is when you first get to campus.  Each one of  our career consultants has shared their top tips for you and are featured below.  Check out our resources, meet the consultants who work with your colleges, and take advantage of the career and internship opportunities available to you through the Career Center.


  1. Connect to your interests

Nellie PhotoSet a goal of finding at least one way to connect with your career interest this semester. Make it a priority to attend at least one employer event on or off campus such as a job fair, a career panel or alumni mixer event. There are so many opportunities to get connected, and if you need some guidance with this, please feel free to connect with us. The earlier you start your career journey, the more successful you will be in reaching your goals.  Nellie Rochon-Ellis

Career Consultant: College of Applied Science & Arts (non health majors), College of Science nellie.rochon-ellis@sjsu.edu


2. Start your job search early

Catherine PhotoMany of the big-name companies start filling their summer-start positions in the fall.  Equip yourself for job/internship searching early.  We’re here to help! Catherine Voss Plaxton, M.A.Ed., M.A., PPSC

Employment Specialist: College of Business catherine.vossplaxton@sjsu.edu


3. Create a Job Search Agent

Donna PhotoYou can’t take advantage of all the jobs and internships available through SpartaJobs if you don’t know how to properly search and find them.  A job search agent will allow you to search by specific major or college and can help you identify the most relevant jobs/internships to your skills and field of study. Donna Gilmour

Employment Specialist:College of Engineering & Department of Computer Science

4. Learn to market your skills 

Denise PhotoStart practicing early in your college career to articulate and speak to your strengths and skills. You can use Big Interview to practice interview questions online without having to leave the comfort of your room.  Recordings can be sent to career consultants and we can give you feedback.  Denise Hamilton, M.A.

Employment Specialist: Colleges of Social Science, Humanities & Arts denise.hamilton@sjsu.edu

5. It takes more than a degree to land a job

Evelyn Photo

Know that a degree by itself doesn’t guarantee you a job after graduation.  In addition to your degree, getting experience while in school will increase the opportunities available to you. Meet with us early to increase your understanding of the job search process and to feel confident in your search! Evelyn Ramos

Career Consultant: Retention Services and College of Education Liaison

  1. Networking is key

aboutus_team_john_s_120Networking and getting internships are the best ways to find out what you want to do and land a job. John Salangsang

Internship Specialist john.salangsang@sjsu.edu

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In coming weeks we will be featuring student career success stories to motivate you to take the next step on your career journey.  We’ve outlined some key steps each student took to reach his/her goal and will share relevant resources.

 Edward Leeedward intern
B.S. in Electrical Engineering
Lab Assistant Intern at UL Inc.

“… Represent yourself well and understand the importance of your network.”



Edward’s Steps to Success:
• Networked with friends, family and classmates
• Spent time writing a strong resume
• Prepared and practiced interviewing
• Utilized career center: Resume review and appointments with career consultants

Edward’s Story:

Edward was a freshman planning on majoring in Electrical Engineering. He chose to pursue that major because he enjoys working with his hands, has a keen interest in renewable energy, and truly believes he can make a difference in the world by becoming an engineer.

Edward wanted an internship to gain experience in engineering, but was lost on how to begin his search. He talked with his friends, family and even networked with classmates about where to find internships. At one of his classes, career consultants from the Career Center came to present a Resume Workshop that helped him find out where to begin his search and motivated him to work on his resume. Afterwards, Edward applied to many positions he found off of Google and after one full semester, his efforts received no responses from the perspective employers. Discouraged, Edward took a break from his internship search until he heard from a friend about an internship opening. Edward wanted to know more about it, and his friend gave him the email of the hiring manager.

Edward made sure his resume was well written, and then spent time making sure he wrote a professional email to the hiring manager, clearly explaining who he was and what kind of skills he can bring to the table. Not long after, he received a response asking if he’d like an interview. Edward was thrilled, but he felt extremely nervous as he never had any interview experiences.

Edward sought assistance with the career consultant he had met from his class workshop and they worked together to prepare for the interview.  On the day of the interview, Edward arrived ten minutes early to review his notes and was ready. A few weeks later, he received an offer. His two pieces of advice to those who are searching for internships are to represent yourself well and to understand the importance of your network.

Feeling Inspired?

Don’t miss Internship Awareness Day February 11, 2015 from 12:00pm – 2:00pm at Student Union Ballroom B. Students can win prizes, grub on free food and check out our fun resource tables to learn about internship opportunities, their value and important tips to finding one.

Still Looking?

Check out our “hot internship” list of current opportunities on SpartaJobs!

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By Britany Tufnell – Career Counselor Intern, SJSU Career Center

entertainment-career-resolutions (1)

Happy New Year Spartans! As you start to plan for the year ahead and begin the spring semester, it’s also time to starting thinking about your career goals for 2015. Whether you are a graduating senior returning for the home stretch or a “frosh-faced” student chipping away at requirements, this semester offers much potential for success!

Take this time to reflect a bit and envision some of your career goals. What steps can you take this year to bring you closer to the career of your dreams? How can you better yourself professionally and build your brand? I offer you a catalyst for becoming your future self: INTERNSHIPS. Whether you have already started preparing to apply or have never considered an internship-you are in luck! This is internship season and the Career Center is here to help you reach your goals.

I cannot express enough how beneficial internship experiences can be on your professional journey.  I did not become aware of the benefits of an internship until my second year of graduate school. The professional experience and personal growth gained are priceless. I wish there had been more emphasis on internships in my undergraduate program; it would have made a huge impact on many of my career choices. To spare you the regret of not starting internships earlier in my career, I’ll pass on my top reasons to get an internship, so that you can seize these opportunities NOW!

  1. Try Before You Buy

Internships are the best way to get your feet wet in an industry that you are interested in. They offer you the opportunity to discover your niche and what a company’s culture is like. Interning is a great way to build on your strengths, discover your weaknesses, and find out if this occupation is the right fit for you. You may discover it is everything you thought it would be and more or that you may actually want to take a different path in life. Whatever you decide, you will come out on the other side wiser and prepared to make an educated decision about your future.

  1. Expand Your Network

Networking is the key to success. This has been one of the most used skills I have picked up from my internship and graduate program. You will be amazed at how connected your co-workers, professors, and fellow classmates are in the realm of your desired career field. Social media has made it convenient and easy to form and keep up with those relationships. If you do not have a LinkedIn yet, create one today. If you have an account keep it updated, active, and professional. LinkedIn is the best way to make and find connections, as well as research your industry, and find internship or job opportunities. A wise professor once told me, “treat every day at your internship like a job interview,” so when that job opportunity arises in the future, your name will come to mind.

  1. Become a Professional

Hands down, one of the greatest benefits from my internship has been increased professionalism. From writing emails, to participating in staff meetings, to one-on-one sessions with clients, I have learned to examine and perfect how to communicate as a professional. As an intern you are a member of the team with the advantage of being the one there to learn, observe, and practice. Take every shift seriously and put forward your best self. Set up informational interviews with co-workers and practice interviewing and conversational skills while gaining valuable insight into the field. Be sure to send follow up thank you notes. Jump on opportunities that arise such as assisting with projects and events or interviewing for open positions. Everything will be a learning opportunity; even if you stumble you will have that experience to grow from for the future.

  1. Gain a Competitive-Edge

We all face that Catch-22 when it comes to landing a job; you cannot get the job without experience, but you cannot gain experience without the job! Taking on an internship in your field will teach you valuable transferable skills that can boost your resume and give you the competitive-edge needed to land the job. Building your brand starts with self-awareness of your skills. The most beneficial part of my graduate program has been my internship with the Career Center. The hands-on experience has prepared me more than all of my classes ever could because I am able to apply my skills and knowledge in real situations.

Feeling inspired to check out internships in your field of interest?  Here are some steps to launch a successful internship journey!


Sign up for SpartaJobs Create your SpartaJobs profile today and gain access to more than 2,000 internship and job postings  (across all majors) only open to SJSU Students & Alumni. 


Career Center’s Internship Resources Check out our awesome online resources to help you get started on your internship journey from the comfort of your home. Learn how to write a successful resume, prep for the interview and select the right position for you.


Gain all the tips and insights you need to make the most of your internship through our Internship Success Stories (via this blog and Facebook Fan page) as well as by attending Internship Awareness Day  February 11, 2015 from 12:00pm – 2:00pm at Student Union Ballroom B.  Don’t have time to attend? Then, watch our Top 10 Tips for Internship Success Workshop


BTufnellPic (1)Britany Tufnell is career counselor intern at the Career Center and graduate student in the Education Counseling Program here at SJSU. She has a background in Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development where she spent many years as a youth counselor, teacher, and caregiver. Britany currently enjoys working with adults in higher education and is passionate about helping others reach their goals that bring them closer to creating a meaningful life.

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Student Perspective by: Michael Ching

Freshman year can be TOUGH. As a former freshman, I can tell you that it is a time filled with excitement, curiosity, and most of all, rigorous coursework. At the time, thinking about a career, let alone a job, was the last thing on my mind. Some common phrases I used, included:

“I don’t have time for internships. I have too much work.”

“I have no idea on what I want to major in, let alone find an internship.”

Or my personal favorite: “No one is going to hire me; I don’t have any work experience!”

Fortunately, the SJSU Career Center is here to help students get internships as well as know more about career related skills and opportunities. It is an extremely valuable resource to all students, especially incoming freshman and transfers.

Their mission is to help students create meaningful lives by providing the tools to guide students in identifying their strengths and goals, market their unique skills, and obtain relevant real world experience. Here are their top 5 services that I feel have the biggest impact on supporting incoming students in starting their careers:

  1. SpartaJobs: Access Thousands of Jobs and Internships at Your Fingertips

At some point in your college life, you will need/want a job and want to know what opportunities there are in the job market. SpartaJobs is a job and internship database found on the career center website that contains thousands of opportunities for SJSU students. All job types can be found in SpartaJobs including: Internships, full and part time jobs, on-campus jobs, seasonal and even work study.  You don’t have to be a senior to start checking out what jobs and internships are available.  All you need to login is your 9-digit tower card number (as your username & as your password) and your in!

  1. Career Workshops/Online Resources: Learn the Career Hacks to Land You A Job

The Career Center provides many workshops/webinars both in person and  online to help students in their career exploration. Workshops give you the tips you need to build a great resume, develop interviewing skills (i.e. Big interview), and learn strategies to connect with employers successfully, all from the comfort of your home, dorm, or local coffee shop. Check out the latest topics and tips on our virtual resource page.

  1. Major and Career Exploration: Figure Out What You Want To Do With Your Life

We have all been there. Being unsure of your major is a big issue that all first year students face. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our online tutorial, “Choosing a Major at SJSU in Under 5 minutes”. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, set up an appointment with a career consultant to help you review your career options and develop a job search plan.

If you’ve pick a major but just don’t know what types of jobs are related to that major, then check out the “What Can I Do With This Major” tool, and discover all of the opportunities that you could pursue.

  1. Job & Internship Fairs: Connect With Employers Without Leaving Campus

So, you’ve polished your resume, have been coached in the secret and complex art of interviewing, and now want to get started on landing your dream job. Your next step is attending one of the many employer connection events hosted by the Career Center.  We offer multiple job fairs throughout the year to help students get connected with hundreds of recruiters both nationally and globally to launch your career/internship journey. The Career Center also provides drop in interviews for students who want to have a one on one with hiring employers.

  1. Challenging Situations: Professionals Who Advocate For You

Whether you are an international student feeling like you need some extra assistance, or a student with a need for accommodations, the Career Center staff is here to help.  There are professionals on staff to help with almost every unique situation, including how to disclose a disability, accommodation requests, and veterans’ services.

So from a seasoned Spartan to all the new Spartans on campus, I welcome you, wish you a great year and hope to see you at the Career Center!  We’re here to help and make your transition to the university and the world of work a lot smoother and stress free.  Be sure to stay connected and get the most updated career information and trends by following the SJSU Career Center on this blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 michael chingMichael Ching is an intern for the SJSU Career Center, supporting the Job Internship Initiative Group. Michael is currently a senior at San Jose state University. His background in Business Marketing gives him a unique perspective when focusing on Marketing campaigns, social media, and innovative ideas in working and understanding students with where they are at with career education.


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Congratulations!  You are almost finished with the semester.  Some of you will be graduating and starting the next step in your career journey and others of you are getting ready for summer internships or other adventures.  Wherever you are in your journey, check out this roadmap with tips on how to navigate the job or internship search and links to key resources to help you launch your career!  If you would like to get even more details on how to manage the job search process as a new graduate, check out our Graduated, Now What?  Webex workshop for specific tips on resumes, job search, and networking.


New Grad Tool Kit! (1)

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By Anita Manuel, Program Manager/Career Consultant

Welcome back Spartans!  It’s an exciting time as we start a new school year.  We know that you have a lot to manage when you return to campus, so I’d like to outline some easy career strategies that will help keep you organized and on track with your career goals.


Students hang out in Village Park

How many times have you heard, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know; or rather, WHO knows YOU?

We encourage you to meet new people, make new friends and have fun! (Just don’t post any embarrassing photos or inappropriate comments on Facebook. That can actually hurt your job search). You can absolutely translate your personal connections to professional connections.  Be sure to create a LinkedIn account to build your “virtual resume” and list your professional accomplishments (this can include courses, class projects and awards).  Invite the new people you meet through class projects and on-campus activities to your professional network.  Also, don’t forget to get to know your professors and other mentors on campus.  When it’s time to apply for internships, jobs or graduate programs, these connections can act as references and provide advice related to a specific industry or field or study.

As it relates to exploring future positions, take time to develop a list of the top 5 companies that you are most interested in working for.  Start to follow these companies through social media.  Most companies now share strategic information via Twitter, Facebook (fan pages), and LinkedIn profiles.  A well prepared candidate, who has some inside knowledge of an organization, always makes a great impression.


mobileChances are that you cannot live without your iPhone or Blackberry.  Regardless of what mobile device you use, more and more of us are organizing our lives with “killer apps” that help us get things done.  You may use certain apps or sites to find restaurant reviews or movie times but there are also some great online tools that can help you manage your career as well.  Here’s a list of our top 10 apps & online tools:

  1. SpartaJobs Search Agent (free tool only available to SJSU students and alumni).  You can set up your job search agent to search for specific jobs or internships by major, field or specific employer.  Once your search agent is saved you can set it up to run the search as often as you would like and email results directly to you. *Remember, employers who post on SpartaJobs are specifically interested in SJSU candidates.
  2.  Webshops Can’t come to a live presentation? No problem!  Our virtual workshops are thorough and cover various career topics from resume writing to job search tips.  The best part is that you can watch them whenever you want (2am or at lunch, it’s up to you).
  3.  Indeed.com (mobile app) This search site is considered one of the most robust and user friendly sites for job search and has both domestic and international postings. 
  4. LinkedIn Mobile (mobile app)Easily add people that you meet to your network and conduct research on companies, professionals and groups on the go.
  5. TweetmyJobs Many job leads are now posted through Twitter.  This app allows you to set up specific search criteria for Tweets that relate to jobs that match your interests and sends you updates via email or mobile updates.
  6. Jobs with Friends (social app)Allows you to link up your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts to see where they work and help you determine potential referrals for jobs or who in your personal network could help introduce you to new connections.
  7. ResumeBear (mobile app) If you ever wondered what happened to your resume once you submitted it, this app will help you find the answer.  This mobile resume tracking service updates you on who viewed your resume and when.
  8. StudentFreelance.com Online job site for students seeking part-time or project based jobs (great for getting professional experience and building your resume)
  9. MyFirstJob.com  Job site for students/new grads seeking internship and entry level positions
  10. BrazenCareerist.com Career site for Gen Y focused on career tips, resources and virtual job fairs targeted to new professionals in the marketplace.


We know that you have busy schedules and that getting off campus to interview or meet with employers can be challenging—so we bring the employers to you.  We will be hosting two on-campus job fairs this semester, numerous employer information sessions and on-campus interview programs to help you land your next job or internship.

Accounting/Finance Job & Internship Fair:

Thursday (9/12) 1:00-4:00 p.m. Student Union, Ballroom (Tower card or career center membership card required)

Fall 2013 Job & Internship Fair (@ Event Center)

Wednesday (10/2) noon-2:00 p.m.* (SJSU students & registered alumni with early bird pass only – Tower card or career center membership card required)
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Open to all SJSU students & registered alumni – Tower card or career center membership card required)

 Employer Information Sessions

Check out our event calendar for all workshops, info sessions and on campus activities.

I hope that these tips will help simplify your job and internship search process.  If you ever get stuck along the way, don’t hesitate to visit us at the Career Center.  Wishing you all a great semester and we look forward to helping you on your career journey!

anita_manuel[1]Anita has been a career professional in higher education for the past 12 years.  She is dedicated to helping clients create meaningful lives and provides advising on career related topics.  She also specializes in development of creative programs to support career education.

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By Anita Manuel, Program Manager

Hopefully, as you read this, you are in the midst of enjoying a relaxing and fun filled summer.  But, did you know that all that fun you are having is also a great way to gain insight into how you want to build your future? Here are some ideas for making the most of your summer and combine good times with personal growth:

1. Take a road trip!

rtnThere’s nothing better than getting together with some good friends and hitting the open road for an unknown destination or adventure. Taking a few days off to explore a new place and meet new people can open up your mind to possibilities and ideas that are inspiring.  Be intentional on your trip and seek out people who you find interesting and interview them!  Listen to their stories and ask them for advice on how they built their career and life.  You’d be surprised by how open people can be if you politely ask to conduct an informational interview with them.  Need some more inspiration?  Check out  Roadtrip Nation for road trip videos, interviews and ideas.

 2. Make a “love list.”

I don’t necessarily mean a list of all your summer crushes (although that might be interesting as well), but rather a list of your favorite summer activities. Taking inventory of the things which make you happy or feel fulfilled are factors that need to be included in the life and career that you create for yourself.  As you make this list it will be easier to choose a major/field, career path or develop a game plan for what is essential to experience in your life.  Not sure how to start this list?  Here are some reflections questions love_500x500that can help you get started:

  • What activities make you feel like time just flies by? When you lose track of time, you are most likely in “the zone,” meaning you are doing something that encompasses you completely, something you “love.
  • What activities make you feel like the minutes crawl by?  What made you feel bored or uninspired?  These are clues on things you might NOT want to do in the future.

3. Read, Read, Read  

What’s on your summer reading list?  Reading anything related to your interests is a great way to gain new knowledge but also to stay up to date with trends in your field.  Try to read a mix of topics—some that relate to your interests, career and those that are pure leisure.

Let’s say you come back to start the new semester and you start applying to internships.  You are getting ready for an interview and you’ve prepared for all the typical questions about your skills and experience, but then the interviewer asks you to “tell me about yourself…”  What is going to set you apart from all the other applicants who have the same exact skills and education that you have?

summer-reading-533Perhaps, after outlining your main interests as it relates to the position you also mention that in your spare time you like to relax by reading comics and this summer you just finished the Batman series and it was awesome!  By adding this tidbit, you’ve just made a personal connection with your interviewer.  They may love comics too; they may find it refreshing that in addition to being a hard working student with the right skills you also seem to be imaginative etc. etc.  If anything, it’s something a little more interesting than what every other candidate said, because it’s unique to you.

Remember, this will only work if you happen to have the right skills and experience.  Otherwise, be sure to throw in that you have also been reading a few articles/books related to the job or industry because that shows passion and true interest.  If you have nothing at all to read, then check out this list of books that can help with your career aspirations.

4.  Stay Connected

With all of the parties, picnics, and family reunions that you’ve enjoyed so far this summer, it’s likely that:summer-bbq-fun_300-252x300

a) You’ve met some new people

b) You’ve talked to lots of friends and relatives

c) You’ve grown your Facebook friend list exponentially

Great!  But, be sure to take your networking a step further.  That’s right, you have been networking this summer and didn’t even realize it.  And this is how you make it count…STAY CONNECTED!  Don’t let these relationships wash away with the last days of summer.  Create a LinkedIn account and invite your contacts (friends and family count) to your professional network (LinkedIn) as well as your social network (Facebook).  Be sure to let them know what you are up to and what kinds of jobs or internships you are looking for.  Sending a friendly update or check-in is a great way to maintain the new network of people that you developed this summer.

Another easy way to engage your network is by asking for some brainstorming help.  Here are some exploration questions that you can ask or send out to a group:

1. If you had to name my top three strengths/skills what would they be? Can you think of a time that you saw me use/demonstrate this strength/skill?  (this is great information to help you prepare resumes, interviews or exploring related fields of interest)

2. I’m interested in XYZ career, do any of you have ideas or tips on how to meet someone in this field or how to find an internship/job in this field?

3. I’m looking for some inspiration in my career, what things get you excited about your work or keep you motivated in your career?

Any insight that you gain from your network will not only help you in figuring what you want to do, but will also keep you connected in a way that is productive.  Always remember to thank people for their tips and advice and ask how you can return the favor.

So keep on enjoying these last days of summer.   Use this time for fun, rest and relaxation to help you get excited for the next step in your career journey.

anita_manuel[1]Anita has been a career professional in higher education for the past 11 years.  She is dedicated to helping clients create meaningful lives and provides advising on career related topics.  She also specializes in development of creative programs to support career education.

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